Visit a TMJ Dentist for a Non-Invasive Treatment Solution

TMJ Dentist
If you haven’t visited a TMJ dentist for your jaw pain, perhaps you should.  It is common for people to suffer from discomfort in their jaw or face and at times the discomfort can extend to headaches and even neck pain.  By and large, people tend to disregard these symptoms due to a lack of understanding regarding what could be causing them.  As the symptoms progress to the point of severe jaw pain, people begin to realize that the problem is more serious than initially thought.  In fact, it can become so severe that people have difficulty even opening their mouth or eating.  If you are in the early stages of this where your only complaint is discomfort, you need to visit the dentist so that we can help to prevent the problem from escalating.

Signs that you need a TMJ dentist.
There are several signs to watch for that indicate you need to schedule an appointment.  The first is waking up with a sore jaw or face. Additionally, if you have headaches on a regular basis, this could be connected to your jaw.  If you feel sore or uncomfortable while eating or your mouth cannot open all the way without feeling a twinge in your jaw, you should call us immediately.  These are all signs that you may have TMJ and, fortunately, we can treat it.

What a TMJ dentist can do for you.
Very often, TMJ is caused by grinding or clenching your teeth at night. While not always the case, this is a common cause for the condition and it is also easy to treat.  We can prevent the symptoms of TMJ by giving you a night guard to wear. We begin by making an impression of your mouth so that the lab can create a night guard in the perfect size and shape.  This is important for ensuring that it remains in place while you sleep, without being uncomfortable.  The guard will surround your teeth like a full retainer would and is made out of a durable, yet comfortable, plastic.  The key difference between this and a standard retainer is that it prevents your upper and lower teeth from touching, grinding, or clenching.  This way your jaw is forced to relax.  Since this eliminates the stress and tension placed on your temporomandibular joint, you will wake up feeling comfortable without a headache or general soreness.  Not only will you see an immediate benefit, but the condition won’t be allowed to progress.  This is critical for ensuring that you don’t wake up one day without the ability to open your mouth fully.

While this solution is fairly simplistic, it works incredibly well.  If you have TMJ or think that you might, we highly recommend that you schedule a consultation with TMJ dentist office so that we can examine you and provide you with this non-invasive solution.  Some doctors recommend taking more drastic action like undergoing surgery, but this can lead to complications and further issues.  Our solution has no risk or side effects so call us today.

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